• Rear-X Rearlock Atomic Jock - Ruby

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    • We took our best selling UNIT-X sling and attached it to a super comfortable buttplug to create REAR-X, the spankin’ new FLEX-TPR rear-lock from ATOMIC JOCK. The attached buttplug is about the thickness of two fat fingers and blubbery n’ soft to the touch. The smooth shape and flexible material let you easily stuff your hole for hours of comfortable wear and use. Wrap the sling around your penis n’ balls, pop the plug up your greased up pucker, and you’re ready to go! The built-in sling and rear-lock design create a “locking” effect that keep you plugged until you’re ready to give your hole a rest. Item comes packaged in a heat sealed pouch
    • Size Length: 11 inches
      Color: Red
      Additional Information: