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    Electronic Communications

    When you visit the Site, you are communicating with us electronically. You consent to receive communications from us electronically. We will communicate with you by e–mail or by posting notices on the Site. You agree that to the maximum extent permitted by law, all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that the site provides to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

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    Information on the Website

    Every effort is made to update and maintain accurate information contained on this website.  Neither Rock Solid Prod. Inc. nor any third party or data or content provider make any representations or warranties, whether express, implied in law or residual, as to the sequence, accuracy, completeness or reliability of information, opinions, research information, data and/or content contained on the website (including but not limited to any information which may be provided by any third party or data or content providers) ("information") and shall not be bound in any manner by any information contained on the website. Rock Solid Prod. Inc reserves the right at any time to change or discontinue without notice, any aspect or feature of this website. No information shall be construed as advice and information is offered for information purposes only. You rely on the information contained on this website at your own risk. If you find an error or omission at this site, please notify us.

    Acceptance of Laws: City/County/State

    You acknowledge and agree that your local government, which includes but is not limited to, city, county, and state allows You the user to review, observe, possess, order, and or purchase materials of an explicit sexual nature. You further acknowledge and testify that products and services received by you from the SomethingSexyPlanet website have been ordered by you the user on your own free will, and in no way have you been forced to order or observe such material.

    Furthermore, You understand and agree that Rock Solid Prod. Inc will in no way be responsible for services or products received by you in the case such services and products are illegal for you to possess or obtain in your local community. You except full responsibility in assuring no laws within your community, legal jurisdiction, and state prevent the possession, shipment, or purchase of products from the SomethingSexyPlanet website or any of its suppliers.

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    Trade Marks

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    Specific Use

    As a user of ths website, you agree not to use the website to send or post any message or material that is unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, indecent, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene, sexually orientated, racially offensive, profane, and pornographic or violates any applicable law and you hereby indemnify Rock Solid Prod. Inc. against any loss, liability, damage or expense of whatever nature which Rock Solid Prod. Inc. or any third party may suffer which is caused by or attributable to, whether directly or indirectly, your use of the website to send or post any such message or material.

    Sales Tax

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    Applicable Law

    By visiting SomethingSexyPlanet, you agree that that the laws of the state of Florida, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, will govern the Terms and Conditions of Use and any dispute of any sort that might arise between you and or its affiliates. 

    Entire Agreement

    These website terms and conditions constitute the sole record of the agreement between you and Rock Solid Prod. Inc. in relation to your use of the website. Neither you nor Rock Solid Prod. Inc. shall be bound by any express tacit nor implied representation, warranty, promise or the like not recorded herein. Unless otherwise specifically stated these website terms and conditions supersede and replace all prior commitments, undertakings or representations, whether written or oral, between you and Rock Solid Prod. Inc. in respect of your use of the website. Rock Solid Prod. Inc. may at any time modify any relevant terms and conditions, policies or notices

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