Pipedream Extreme Peek-a-Boo Ass

  • Ever wonder whats waiting for you behind those super smooth cheeks of hers. Open her wide cum inside and enjoy the super soft super tight sensation of this plush Peek-A-Boo. This little slut doesnt just like to tease she loves to please. Once you spread her tender cheeks and penetrate her tight teen ass you will discover a soft and tight tunnel yearning to squeeze your cock to the very last drop. Her warm insides feel just like the real thing-only- better!

    The incredible Fanta Flesh mimics the feel of real skin and clings to your cock like a real lover. She’s warm, tight, and never says no! The contoured sleeve fits perfectly in your palm and features a hole in the back that can be covered to create even tighter suction. When you’re done, blow a load deep inside her and don’t worry about a thing!
  • Size Length: 6 inches
    Size Width: 3 inches
    Special Features: Free moist lubricant & toy cleaner included!
    Color: Beige
    Additional Information: Phthalate Free

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