A good vibrator is a woman's best friend!  Vibration, especially to the clitoris, helps most women more easily achieve orgasm in a pleasurable way, with or without a partner.  Many couples also incorporate a vibrator into their erotic play to pinpoint sensitive areas with intense arousal and enhance sexual satisfaction.  From Clit Kissers to Waterproof Jack Rabbits, our hand-picked vibrator collection features models of every size, texture and materials to perfectly customize your erotic pleasure!  See our  Top 10 Vibrators For Women

Gone are the days when women were shy about using vibrators! Nowadays, they are unafraid to state their sexual preferences and those who use vibrators report they enjoy enhanced arousal, desire, and orgasm faster and better than before.

In fact, if have trouble having an orgasm, the most efficient shortcut is to try a vibrator. Getting aroused by a toy is different than using a finger – it uses the right amount of pressure and speed and won’t get tired. Moreover, it hits all the necessary spots that leave you hot and writhing with pleasure!

Vibrators aren’t solely for enjoying some quality solo time, because you can use them while having sex as well – they are an amazing addition to your bedroom. Exploring your body gives you a sense of empowerment – you get to learn more about what you like and don’t like. If you are using it to masturbate, this toy is a beautiful way to be satiated on your own, without worrying about pleasing anyone else.

If you are up for something naughtier and immensely exciting, use vibrators to show your partner what you like in bed. During sex, remember a position you were in, or a part of yourself that you touched, the last time you masturbated. Then recreate that moment in bed with your partner, either doing it yourself or having them lend a helpful hand.

Vibrators can also be used for mutual masturbation – it is actually one of the sexiest ways to connect with your partner in bed. Use the toy to play with yourself while they indulge in playtime – you can see exactly what the other person likes, and then place your partner’s hand on the vibrator while you focus on yourself, letting them take over. This type of foreplay is incredibly thrilling before sex. Some people use it while going down on their partner as well.

Remember the vibrating sensations feel good for both people involved. Vibrators give you an opportunity to get creative with your partner and try new things – it is awesome fun! It could open the door to a newfound sexual playground for the both of you.

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