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Sometimes you want vibration - and sometimes you don't.  Our collection of Dildos and Dongs offer incredible stimulation without the need for batteries.  Browse a wide array of shapes, sizes, and body-safe materials to find your absolute perfect match.  For the discriminating pleasure seeker, our realistic dildos offer incredibly lifelike features for a nearly better-than-real experience!

Did you know that the idea of using dildos goes back several hundred years? In fact, the concept has been recorded in paintings and sculptures as far back as the fourth and fifth centuries. The Book of the Kama Sutra features early dildos made of wood, leather and stalks. Dildos work wonders when it comes to intensifying pleasure during sex. They are available in a variety of materials and sizes, so you can choose as per preference before embarking on a journey of self-exploration through masturbation and orgasms.

Dildos are primarily meant for women, as the sensation of feeling fulfilled in their anus or vagina is just incredible. The tightening of muscles is what makes it all the more pleasurable, which is why women are using dildos regularly to orgasm, even if their partner isn’t available. When used alone, a dildo lets you experiment with different forms of penetration without the anxiety of a lover being present. This is especially true with anal penetration. Maybe you want to try it, but are unsure if it is as gratifying as you may think. Instead of diving in with your partner, using a dildo alone can give you a similar experience without worrying about embarrassment.

Penetrating your partner with a dildo gives you a real up close and personal view of your lover's vagina or anus accepting the dildo. Some people find this to be extremely erotic, to see their lover pull in the dildo and push out as they get more excited. Dildos can be used during oral sex as well – you can pleasure your lover with hands, and utilize the sex toy to penetrate at the same time!

Men often face difficulty while maintaining erections, while women could take very long to climax – this makes sex a frustrating and unsatisfying experience. Dildos can be extremely helpful in such cases. If the man climaxes early in the game, or even if the woman just takes a longer time than her lover, he can continue to penetrate her with the dildo. It gives him time to recharge his batteries and keeps her aroused. So when he is ready to come back into the game, she will still be turned on enough to accept him.

You can be satiated with our top quality dildos whenever you wish – our models are long-lasting with proper care and exciting new dildos and dongs are added to the site almost every week to enjoy!

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