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When you're ready to enjoy the pleasures of anal stimulation, our Anal Toys collection has you covered.  Explore body-safe anal beads, anal plugs and anal probes that tease and please, while anal lubricants help make the experience smooth and comfortable.  Quench your curiosity and satisfy your partner's deepest desires all at once with exciting and enjoyable anal play.

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Are you apprehensive about trying anal play? Don’t be! When it is done correctly, it can be amazing and pretty tempting as well, so once you feel the sensations, you might indulge in it regularly with your partner. Remember, the anal region is rich in sensitive nerve endings that can make it a pleasure gold mine. Since the tissue between the rectum and vagina is so thin, sometimes anal pressure stimulates the front wall of the vagina, where the G-spot is – that is why anal sex and fingering is awesome! Anal play can be pleasurable for men too.

Anal sex toys are specially designed products for anal penetration, and are often tapered for easy insertion, flaring out or swelling in size to stimulate those internal pleasure zones. Rest assured, with the proper penetration and slow progression, anal play won’t hurt, rather it makes you climax in a new and more powerful manner. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not self-lubricate, so lube is essential when exploring any kind of anal penetration. We recommend using a water-based anal lube. Water-based anal lube is compatible with all sex toys, and thicker and longer lasting than regular lube.

You can start off with anal beads as they are more beginner-friendly – they feel heavenly when left in during intercourse or masturbation, and can be pulled out during orgasm to intensify the sensations. Yet another popular anal sex toy is butt plugs that are designed to sit internally and stay in place for long-term stimulation during sex or foreplay. Anal dildos also allow you to experience the thrusting fun of anal sex at your own speed and depth.

The anal region is an undiscovered erogenous zone for many, but it has receptive nerve endings that enhance all manner of sexual scenarios. Anal play and anal penetration don't need to lead to anal sex - just do what feels comfortable for you, and have fun experimenting with different sensations at your own pace. So what are you waiting for? Get some anal toys and induce a wild streak into your lovemaking!


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