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Gay sex dolls are taking the gay sex toy market by storm! These special dolls are intended to mimic actual sex with a hot guy, offering up a tight ass to satisfy any horny user, any time they desire. No longer only relegated to "pool float" style blow up toys, today's discerning buyer can select a lifelike replica of the 'good parts' to enjoy both physically and visually. Gay sex dolls incorporate a variety of stimulating features, such as a ribbed anal cavity, lifelike skin, vibrating options, and even a firm cock and balls for penetrative pleasures. These toys are the perfect item to satisfy the sexual needs of someone who isn't out yet, or prefers to keep their preferences as their business, as they can be easily and discreetly stored. With new features making their way into the market every day, a buyer can select premium options like a mold made from their favorite gay porn star, or even a special model that packs all the pleasure of a heavy realistic sex toy into a feather-light package for easy portability and use. Add a little of your favorite lubricant, slide in your favorite adult movie, and be prepared for an orgasm no other toy can match!